This page contains suggestions/compliments/complaints received from the members. We publish the feedback exactly the way we have received it as long it contains language that is worthy of publishing on a temple site.

1. Very good/Nice temple

(Need) more kids programs

– The King


2. When people are done using the meditation chairs/cushions, they should put them away, and thereby keep the Temple clean. There are days when I come in to do my usual darshan in which I have to put the blue (or red or green) meditation chairs away. I have done this so far on multiple occasions here at the temple.

In addition to making the Temple look unclean and a bit disorganized, they also may provide to be a hazard in terms of tripping over them, resulting in injury. Therefore, I (expect) that people put away the medication chairs when they are done using them. If we can keep the Temple clean and organized and injury free. Thank You

– (Feb 6, 2016)


3. I have been thinking/pondering this idea for sometime and I know that it has to be approved by the Board of trustees as well as the priests themselves

The idea that I propose is to extend the hours of the Hindu Samaj Temple so that it can give people more time to come and visit during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) especially those that are working.

I propose that the Tempel hours during the weekdays be from 8AM – 12 noon and in the evening from 5:00 PM to 9 PM. Thank You

– Neerav B Trivedi  (Feb 12, 2016)


4. Our Opinion:

Light color. The same Gray, Inside the Temple. Thank You

845 298 3262

5. We like the painting. Please resume

– Anonymous

6. I came with Harkant Shah in wheel chair. It was very difficult as there is so much rock, dirt and cement on walkway. Please try to get it cleaned. Thank You

– Dipika Harkant Shah/ 765 0353 (March 7, 2016)

7. We have received four suggestions to improve playground quality. Complaints were about the safety of playground, dirt in the playground etc. We are not able to publish them here because of the language used in the suggestion. We request all community members to refrain from using unacceptable language. Remember that this is your temple.

8. You need more garbage cans

– Ferdara (March 26, 2010)

9. I liked the painting on the gopuram and I see that it is not finished. I (would) like to know the reason and want the trustees to follow thru.

– Durga