Chinmaya Balavihar – 2018


We are excited to announce that this summer Hindu Samaj Temple will be offering Chinmaya Balavihar Summer Classes.

First session from  July 16-20 Monday to Friday9 am to 4pm.

Cost:  $220  per student/week , $ 200 for siblings.

Early registration ( by June 14th) $200 per student/week, $180 for siblings

(all the proceeds go to Hindu Samaj Temple and Hindu Samaj Chinmaya Balavihar)


Kids starting 4th grade and onwards. If kids below 4th grade want to participate, they need to have a parent/guardian present with them for the entire class.

Older kids, 10th grader and above, will have a chance to explore leadership in action.

Summer Class Overview:

  1. Learn values and virtues of Hinduism from stories of Bhagwata,Vedas and Puranas.
    Students will learn about Happiness, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Courageousness, Humility, Non-Violence, Patience, Truthfulness, Alignment of thought, word and action, letting go of negativity, Dedicating actions to a higher ideal, Absence of Ego, Self-discipline, and Inner strength.
  2. Kids will learn our true authentic daily rituals of doing daily divo-lighting the lamp, saying prayers, bowing down to God, elders, and teachers for their blessings, learn bhajans and chanting with japmala.
  3. Kids will learn yoga – asanas, pranayama – breathing exercises and meditation to improve their focus, attention span, memory and overall health by controlling stress.
  4. Kids will learn 16 steps of puja vidhi by understanding the importance of every step and practically do the puja.
  5. They will learn about Hindu Gods and their symbolism and significance in our lives.
  6. Children will have an opportunity to learn some of our traditional Indian games like  ubhikho, hide and seek, hopping, etc.
  7. Children will enjoy some Indian spiritual movies like Ganesha, Hanuman, Ramayan,  Akbar-Birbal, Vivekananda, etc.
    8.  Special visits by professionals to talk about limited electronic usage, eating a healthy diet,developing healthy mind and body etc.

Children are requested to bring  notebook, pen, pencil, folder, eraser, and  crayons.

Students will also bring their own lunch and snacks due to some kids with food allergies.

Fruits, juice boxes, popcorn, crackers ,and water will be provided after getting parents permission.

Any further questions please call Komal Agrawal at 8452425496 or Dr. Bina Dani at 5165470507


PLEASE NOTE : Regular classes will start on September 7th 2016. Classes will be held every Wednesday 6.30pm to 7.45pm 


Click here to download registration forms and other information for summer session


Click here to download registration form for regular classes