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Drop down list includes most common amounts.

1. Priest Dakshana – $11

2. Priest Dakshana – $21

3. Priest Dakshana – $51 

4.  Life Membership fee – $1000

5. Annual Membership – $100

6. General Donation – $250

7. General Donation – $500

Any other payment or for any other purpose – read below

If you want to pay any other amount not listed here  or want to make a payment for a purpose not listed here, please make use of ‘Other Amount:’  field.

Do not forget to fill in ‘Payment Reason/Purpose‘  field with reason for payment.

To donate to May 31, 2020 Food Drive:

Enter amount under Other Amount

Enter ‘May 31,2020 event’ under Payment Reason/Purpose



Hindu Samaj Services

Use the area below the line to enter other amount not listed in drop down above. Do not forget to enter the reason for your payment

Other Amount:

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